Pottery Repair in New Zealand

Pottery Repair in New Zealand

Hi. I fix pottery (and have been repairing pottery for years), and I enjoy restoring people’s favourite items.

Pottery (ceramics, porcelain, etc.) can hold memories even better than photos.

And if a precious piece gets broken, it is heartbreaking.

I can help.

I’ve successfully repaired hundreds of pieces of pottery and restored those memories.

Dave Clingman Repairing Pottery Using Kintsugi
Dave Clingman Repairing Pottery Using Kintsugi

And though I am located in Wellington, I have successfully repaired and shipped without damage all across New Zealand.

Whatever you need in pottery or ceramic or porcelain repair, I can help.

Or perhaps you want to try DIY ceramics repair. If so, please do not use super glue.

And if you’ve tried a DIY pottery repair and don’t like the result, I can remove the glue you used and make a proper pottery repair.

Contact me with any questions or concerns you have.

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